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One in five Vermont children experiences hunger or food hardship.

Many Vermonters find this number surprising. In the United States, a country with so much wealth, it is inconceivable that there are people who struggle to meet their basic needs. And yet, hunger is a daily reality for Americans in every state. Lack of affordable housing, low wages, high unemployment, a decrease in the number of local, affordable grocery stores, and lack of public transportation all contribute to hunger and food insecurity in Vermont.

Research shows children living
in food insecure households are in poorer health, are hospitalized more frequently, have more developmental delays and significant behavior problems, and often do not reach their academic potential. Health professionals have a unique opportunity to intervene and help ensure access to adequate nutrition for Vermont’s children, if they have the right tools.

Hunger Free Vermont is pleased to offer Childhood Hunger in Vermont: The Hidden Impacts on Health, Development & Wellbeing. This course, available here without charge, is a 1-hour accredited tutorial that focuses on the impacts of childhood hunger and provides healthcare professionals with the information and tools for screening and intervention to ensure that all Vermonters have access to enough nutritious food to thrive.

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